In this page I have some of the videos that I produced during my time in the Sports Club Marketing Team and in the Club Tv Station Self Promotion Team.

These are the most relevant videos.

Tá Tranquilo, Tá favorável

"Funny" video that was launched after the win of the third consecutive national championship. Every person in the video is related to the club.

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Benfica Safety video | Emirates Airline

Only video editing. "Benfica Hospedeiras Emirates" viral video that gathered more than 8 Million views on social media. Video produced by the marketing company "O escritório"

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Pais Natal na Catedral

Production, video capture and video editing, "Pais Natal na Catedral" for the Match day Sponsor, in this case for the bank "Caixa Geral"

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Jonas, Man of the Match

Video Editing of the game "Man of the Match" to publish in after the game on the club social media

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Os nossos heróis - "Our Heroes"

Video Tribute to David Bowie - Song "Heroes"

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Television Channel "Aquecimento" Graphics

Weekly requests of some grafical images to put during the Sports Program "Aquecimento"

The background and the identity was made by a design team

Benfica Fan Zone - Master Dj Battle

Promo for a conquest "Benfica FanZone Master DJ

Promo UFC 193 - Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm

UFC Promos for the club channel

Premier League, Serie A e Ligue 1 Promos

Promos for the weekly games of the international leagues

Natal em Família - "Chistmas in Family"

Video to promote the family stand seats of the Club's stadium

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Preparation video for the game derby

Simple teaser before a big game

Até ao último detalhe


Teaser video of the new bus design


Benfica pelo mundo

Simple video only for the stadium screens with a few selected pictures of Benfica suporters in the world

Making Of - Dielmar Benfica

Making of the team picture with the sponsor "Dielmar" clothing line

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I've done several things in this area and I definetly gained alot of experience!

Here's a list of other things that is not shown above:

  • Video conversions for mobile, web and television
  • Creation of Vertical videos (9:16) for vertical screens
  • Weekly edditings for the stadium screen for GameDay
  • Social media engagement content
  • Video capture for several aspects of the club
    And more!

Thats it!  Thank you for Viewing and feel free to contact me