I have a three years technical course on video that I did together with my secondary school "Val do Rio" where I had classes of every aspect of the multimedia field. To add I also did a intensive workshop of 32 Hours of motion graphics in Affter Effects 


I did a 2 Month internship in a Sound System Service Company that provides the infrastructure of stages, lights, sound and qualified staff to operate in a determined event. Learned how all the logistics work and some technical knowledge about sound. Puro Audio

After that I did a 5 month internship in a Sports TV Station "Benfica Tv" Where I worked as an Studio and Exterior assistant, learned how to set up a Studio for some determined TV programs, audio related details and I was also able to be in front of the studio camera in a live program. In exteriors I helped to set up the cameras on the right place and to connect them to the broadcast vehicle. 

In GameDay I was in the video team of the stadium screens where I could operate the camera to record the fans.

Also in that internship I shadowed a video editor and learned what were their tasks and helped in what they needed. Editing in Edius and the broadcasting in DALET


You can see a video about that in Here


After my school internship at the Club Station the self promotion team of the Club "Benfica" contacted me offering a job in their team. I gladly accepted and it was great!

For the next year I was able to work is so many multimedia content and evolve a lot alongside good professionals. Got to improve my technical knowledge in the video area and do thing for several types of situations. You can check all of that Here.

A year later after the Sports Club job I started a weekly Youtube job "Portugal, Cidadania Portuguesa" (Youtube link [First 20 videos], Portfolio Link). It was the first "solo" challenge because I was responsible for Video capture, video editing, Sound, Light, and graphic animation.

At the same time with the Youtube project I started to work in freelance as a reporter cameraman in a NewsChannel "Sic Notícias" where the television "tension" was high and it gave me experience in their Sony Camcorder cameras and helped me understand better how does the television work, especially in the News department.

In extra I also do Live Sound Mixing and Multimedia operator in church (Riverside International Church), where I had to go in Saturdays to practice to prepare everything and then execute in Sundays for around 300 people. When I am not in sound I go to Multimedia where I need to prepare the lyrics, videos, power points, images, etc.. And then execute everything during the service. Great experience and was where I got to improve my English!


-Panasonic G7 - (4k, 1080p 50fps)

-Rode Shotgun microphone "Videomic"

-60cm Slider

-Simple Tripod


-Handheld Stablizer Gear

-Mini 160 Led

-Light Reflector

-Battleries and SD card Storage

Computer Program

-Edditing in Adobe Premiere

-Motion Graphics in Adobe After Effects

-Programs and videos in production stored in a 1TB SSD

-Backup in a internal Hard drive and In a External Hard drive

-This website was made by me via WordPress


Now that you know more about me and my work feel free to Contact me Here